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So you’re interested to know a little more about me, or at least to know who is behind this blog huh?

My name is Tam Tran, 28YO, Vietnamese and currently living in Abu Dhabi city. So yeah, I am the brain behind The Yas Guide blog 😊😊😊

Tam Tran’s background

I graduated from university with a bachelor’s degree in the Chinese language😍. I had 3 years studying Chinese in Vietnam plus 1 year in China. I was supposed to work as an interpreter, and was also about to accomplish my Tour guide course in Vietnam when I just finished my university, but then…😅😅

➡ Destiny called my name to move to Dubai🏙 (a city which I thought it was in India, btw!😅😅)

It’s in 2014. I worked for a company that our business was mainly for Chinese customers.😍

Also in 2014, I started to learn English again that I barely spoke at that time. Because you know, everyone speaks English here.☺️

I’ve worked for a few different companies in Dubai, and finally, I moved to Abu Dhabi to settle down with my lovely wife.❤️️

Back in Vietnam, I had quite an adventurous life with my friends, we traveled a lot on motorbike 🏍 in my free time, or even bicycle (I used to go from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, over 3000km….by bike 🚴🚴🚴 with 500 friends, I toured around southern Vietnam alone by bike, too!)

After I came to Dubai, I still tried to live the off-road lifestyle, I went camping🏕 a lot with friends, I went diving ( few times, it’s so expensive!), road trips 🛣 to different emirates…while still work in some boring jobs.

People have asked me from time to time: Hey Tam! So you speak both Chinese and Vietnamese…the (tour guide) market needs you! Join us!🤗🤗

I told myself: Ok✅! I was almost there to be a tour guide(TG) before. I really liked to become a tour guide. Probably it’s a good time to rewrite my career.

So, I took the TG course in Abu Dhabi. But I failed in my first attempt.😓

But it doesn’t matter, I will get it eventually in this coming October soon🤩. I’m positive!😁 (I passed the second assessment in October, and I also passed and got the license from Dubai too, in January 2020. Whoooorraaay~)

Meet Tam Tran
Looking for tour guide in Abu Dhabi? Tam Tran is your guide!

Well, if you read until here. Thank you so much for listening to my so boring bio 😀

Soft P/S: I’m introvert.😊

Hey Tam Tran, So What is The Yas Guide (TYG)?

So, is Yas means Yes?🤔 Yes, but not really xD

No, Yas means Bani Yas. The name of the tribe group that the local Emiratis today belong to and it was way before the UAE formation. The lived in different small tribes in Liwa, then slowly they move to Dubai, Abu Dhabi…and become today the UAE.💫💫

It is so important to know about the history of Bani Yas tribe as the UAE lifestyle today and their traditions are all from the Bani Yas such as their hospitality 💁‍♂️, cuisine 🍽, hunting🏇, handicrafts, dance🕺, music🎼,…etc.☕

So Bani Yas is Yas for short, and it’s also the name of the Abu Dhabi’s biggest entertainment hub called Yas Island😎. It’s home to 3 giant exciting theme parks the Ferrari World🏎, Emirati-themed Yas Waterworld🏄 and the lastest Warner Bros 🐼. There is also Sea World theme park🐳 is still on the way.

Yas Island is also famous for the Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix🏎🏎🏎 first opened in 2009. There are 3 venues for different entertainments activities and they are Du Forum, Du Arena and Yas Arena🎼.

So that’s why I took the name for this blog is 😎The Yas Guide😎, I’m trying to share as many useful and exciting stories as possible about both the Emiratis traditions and guides to enjoy the new Abu Dhabi at the same time.

Phewwww, that was kinda…advanced English!😅😅

What Would I Do With This Blog?

So I made this blog with 3 purposes:

  1. I think when I introduce myself to tour operators as a freelance tour guide💬. I will let them know about this blog to understand more about me.🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️
  2.  I wanted to be a Chinese/Vietnamese speaking tour guide. I wouldn’t do the English tour🕴, because I’m not so comfortable. I will do a tour guide job but online instead🙈🙈, I will write everything I know here: guides, stories, tips, tricks, reviews…✍✍
  3. This is a living document of my life (But, I’m so lazy to write about myself)

But If I get a chance to be an English guide. Well, challenge would be accepted!😎 Note in 2020: I actually did some. Yayyy~

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