The Abu Dhabi Travel Guide That Wins Customers.

I focus on visitor experience, which builds a great image for your company

I’m no ordinary tourist guide who just cares about receiving the itinerary, finishes what needs to be finished, NOTHING extra.

For anyone who doesn’t know me, my name is Tam, a registered Abu Dhabi tour guide from the last 2019. Even though I don’t have so many years of guiding experience, but I’ve managed to have over 6 years of super service-oriented in the UAE, which is something very relevant to the tour guide career.

As a local guide, my goals are to have big smile customers, build a good image of a company that cares about their guests, and boost the city of Abu Dhabi as an “extraordinary story” at the end of every tour. This requires an understanding of the individual background, expectations, etc. So that I can deliver the appropriate experience and meet their highest level of satisfaction.

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3 things you must know about your local guide

Certified guide

I’m a licensed tour guide in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai (UAE) that you can trust 😉

High experiences

I’ve built myself a solid customer service background, multi-cultural awareness… Thanks to the UAE!


I’ve been leading guided tours in English, Vietnamese, Chinese. Both groups and private tours.

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Culture & traditions

The rich culture and tradition of the Emirates always amaze every visitor, that’s also the most favorite topics I’d like to share about restlessly.

I love bringing to life Abu Dhabi history, stories of Father of the Nation – Sheikh Zayed, the colorful tribal life before the discovery of oil…through story-telling. This would help visitors emotionally engage, deepen, and broaden knowledge about the city.

City life & sights

Since the city was built from almost nothing but bare sand and very quickly has become a metropolitan place in a few decades. That is delighting surprise to not only the tourists but to all of us, the expats.

Every corner of the city has its own unique story, yet has many things to offer to keep the guest exciting: from traditional local souqs to modern shopping malls, famous landmarks that represent UAE capital’s identity, famous hotel, nightlife, resorts…And I, would love to be that honored Abu Dhabi travel guide.

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Sports & activities

Abu Dhabi is a famous travel destination for many exhibitions, events, sports tournaments (such as Formula 1, international races…) in the world that usually attract millions of visitors. People would love to come here to have a real-life experience that a screen of smartphone or  TV cannot provide.

Maybe, you should keep in mind about an Abu Dhabi travel guide that already has relevant experience and always ready 😉

Reach out to your Abu Dhabi travel guide today!

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