The Best Things to Do in Abu Dhabi You Should Consider

Are you ready for a trip to the capital of the United Arab Emirates? Have you known the best things to do in Abu Dhabi? Scroll down to know!.

Located in the northeast of the Persian Gulf, in the Arabian Peninsula, Abu Dhabi is a hidden gem in the vast desert in West Asia. In recent years, Abu Dhabi has become an attractive tourist destination for international visitors.

Do you intend to visit this beautiful city? Don’t know what to do in Abu Dhabi? Let me help you with the suggestions below!

Things to Do In Abu Dhabi That You Shouldn’t Ignore

As the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi is famous as a vibrant city along the beautiful coast. Revenue from tourism is one of the reasons has turned Abu Dhabi into a modern city today – a bustling center of government and business. So what to do in Abu Dhabi?

Visit Presidential palace – top things to do in Abu Dhabi

uae presidential palace

UAE’s Presidential Palace / Source: Arabian Business

This palace is located in the complex of Presidential palace Abu Dhabi and has just opened to the public not long ago. Qasr Al Watan is an essential symbol of the UAE’s progress. According to CNN, everything here is awe-inspiring and luxurious, just as everyone expected.

And do you know why this special place can attract many tourists? With the old Arab style architecture, you will feel like lost in the castle of the king in the story of the famous novel The Arabian Nights when you set foot in here. Besides, the lush gardens and impressive chandeliers will succeed in drawing your attention.

In particular, you can explore Arab customs exhibitions and watch spectacular shows in the place every night. Do you love books? It also has a library containing more than 50,000 books and documents.

In addition, you can visit the Great Hall and the room filled with items – gifts received by the President of the UAE from all over the world.

Go to see Qasr Al-Hosn


qasr al hosn

Qasr Al-Hosn / Source: The National

In the list of best things to do in Abu Dhabi 2019, visiting Qasr Al-Hosn is a suitable choice for you.
Being the oldest building in Abu Dhabi, this well-known destination is known as the Old Fort or the White Fort.

Those who like historical sites will definitely regret if they ignore this incredible attraction. The palace was built in 1761 as the residence of the ruling family – the Al Nahyan. Al Hosn Fortress’s interior has been refurbished and modernized to serve as a museum that illustrates the history and culture of Abu Dhabi.

Also in the very same place, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan – the Father of the Nation, was born here in 1918.

Feast your eyes from Etihad towers


Etihad towers / Source: LocationScout

The Etihad complex consists of five towers in the city of Abu Dhabi. It is opposite the Emirates Palace hotel, including offices, houses, and hotels, where you can take a rest after visiting the tower. With a construction cost of more than US $3 billion and a 7-star standard, Emirates Palace deserves to be the best hotel in the world. It regularly hosts the heads of state, diplomats, aristocracy, business tycoons, professional stars of sports.

Are you a fan of the famous action movie series Fast and furious? If yes, you probably realize that the Etihad complex has been used as a filming location. In Furious 7 (2015), Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker) stole a Lykan HyperSport and drove it through the three towers of the complex.
Here, you can see the skyline from the highest point in the city, on the 74th floor of the Jumeirah Hotel at Etihad Towers.

There is an entrance fee for guests who are not residents of the hotel. However, fares can be exchanged for food and drinks from the restaurant on the observation floor. The dishes you can choose are snacks, soft drinks, and tea.

Admire the beauty of Sheikh Zayed mosque

sheikh zayed grand mosqueSheikh Zayed mosque / Source: Pixabay

You know, the construction of Sheikh Zayed mosque was officially started in 1998. What makes it so unique is the structure made entirely of white and gold marble and thousands of gems like ceramics.

The overall architecture of the Sheikh Zayed mosque consists of 84 domes. The central arch between the church is the highest, up to 86 meters. Here, you will feel overwhelmed with the architecture worth about 550 million USD.
In particular, the reflective pool surrounding this mosque is tiled with reflections that can glow in the floodlights at night. This lake is famous for thousands of images taken by tourists hoping to win the annual Spaces of Light Award photo contest.


Images taken by tourists / Source

The winning photos will be displayed in the Emirates Palace Hotel lobby and posted in The Space Abu Dhabi magazine – a publication sold throughout the city gift shops. Do you find it interesting? Try to show off your photography skills, and maybe you will be the next winner.

Dive into a pleasant world of art in Lourve Musem

Lourve abu dhabi

Lourve Abu Dhabi / Source: Unsplash

Are you an art enthusiast? So you would definitely love to visit the Lourve Abu Dhabi. It is conveniently just 15 minutes away from the city center and located in the cultural district of Saadiyat Island.

Here you can deeply understand different civilizations in the past through over 600 artworks from a variety of cultures. and periods.

One thing I would love to share with you about this museum is its one-of-a-kind architecture. From the above, the architecture looks like a floating dome in the sea. There are 8 layers of the dome which weighs about 7000 tons, equivalent to the weight of the Eiffel tower. It has only 4 pillars to hold the dome.

The metallic ceiling of the museum was designed to reflect the natural lights come inside that is called “rain of light” effect, to remind us about the local’s life once living under the palm frond.

Discover Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi

warner bros abu dhabi

Warner Bros park / Source: Gulf News

Have you ever heard of this name? I can guarantee that if you ask someone what to see in Abu Dhabi, this park will be one of the places they mention.

Warner Bros Abu Dhabi theme park is located in the golden position of this city – Yas Island and has become one of the world’s hottest tourist destinations. It is also the place that brings high tourism revenue for the city compared to other luxury destinations.

After officially welcoming tourists and locals, Warner Bros Park received a lot of positive feedback and was rated as the most unique amusement park in the world.

What will you get when you come here? You will meet your favorite superheroes such as Batman, Superman, Wonder woman…or even Bugs Bunny, Scooby-Doo… and of course, enjoy lots of exciting rides and live performing shows.

Can’t get enough of fun? Shall we go to Ferrari World – the world’s first Ferrari-branded theme park and ride the world’s fastest roller coaster at 240 kph? Or another fun place in the same Yas Island called Yas Waterworld– the only Emirati water theme park in UAE.

Let’s believe that you will get is a nicer time than just relaxing and discovering new things.

Check-in Emirates Park Zoo

emirates park zoo

Emirates Park Zoo / Source: Arabian News

The next name on the places to visit in Abu Dhabi list is probably the famous Emirates Park Zoo. If you are an animal lover or you travel with kids, this beautiful zoo will make your day pleasure that you only take 30 minutes of driving from Abu Dhabi.

There is a variety of animals in this wild park including rare white tigers, giraffes, elephants, a herd of zebras and Siberian bears. There are also a myriad of different monkeys and a flamingo park. Coming here, your children can see, touch, and feed the animals.

It’s Time for You to Take A Trip

Yes, I have completed the mission to list out the things to do in Abu Dhabi. Of course, these places and activities are not all that you will enjoy in this country, but they are outstanding ones. Have you had the necessary information?
If you have any questions about the information I wrote above, please comment below to let me know. Hope the article is useful to you. The Yas Guide wish you have a great trip.

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