Virtually Abu Dhabi with Zoom Backgrounds – 2 Steps Easy Guide!

My life has been in a virtual mode for about more than 2 months now. In this post, I’m going to show you how I had fun with my friends by showing virtually Abu Dhabi using Zoom backgrounds in my virtual life, HA!

Table of content:
1. Virtually Abu Dhabi with Zoom backgrounds
2. How to change the background on the laptop
3. How to change the background on a smartphone (iOS)

I remember my last time going to work was in the previous week of March 2020, when the UAE had just over 150+ cases of COVID-19 (it’s more than 35k cases now). Since then, I’ve only been staying at home as my work requires me to be outside all the time.

To keep myself productive, I’ve started studying online, about everything I like but didn’t have enough time before, such as soft skills and web development. Some courses teach you how to be creative…

Maybe, just maybe use one of them to look for another career (I guess, but I hope I don’t have to). I had a few webinars, too, and talk to some friends on the Zoom video call as it’s unlocked during this time.

Look how popular this software is at this time when everyone needs to do social distancing.

number of visitors to zoom
Over 1 billion visior in total. Source: Similarweb

I quickly discovered that I can have some fun with Zoom by setting up a virtual background, and I always add beautiful pictures of Abu Dhabi. 

Sometimes, people asked, “Hey! Where is that place? Tell me something about it!” or people exhaled in regret and said that they should have visited the place when they worked in Dubai a few years back!

A virtual background can set the mood for your online hangout, or a little fun twist for an online meeting, especially someone working from home (WFH) at the moment.

Below, I have a curated selection of photos about Abu Dhabi that I got from free resources. If you like, feel free to download and use it for your online call.

Virtually Abu Dhabi with Zoom backgrounds

Let’s show how beautiful Abu Dhabi is to your friends, family, or colleagues!

  1. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque’s domes – Download here
Change background on zoom
Photo by Juan Camilo Guarin P on Unsplash

2. Brown Sandy Desert – Download here

Zoom backgrounds
Photo by Daniel Olah on Unsplash

3. Emirate Palace – Download here

Virtually Abu Dhabi with Zoom backgrounds
Image by marucha from Pixabay

4. Lourve Abu Dhabi – Download here

Zoom backgrounds images
Photo by Thomas Drouault on Unsplash

Of course, you can go for something better if you have, or use your own photos, why not? Most of the images here are horizontal when you want to use on your phone, I think it’s better to use a vertical type of pictures.

How to change the background on the laptop

1. First, you need to go to their official website at to sign up. Create an account, download the software

 2. Once you logged in, hit on your avatar -> go to the Setting -> choose Virtual background -> Add image (as many as you want)-> go to your local computer to select your pictures.

Simple as that! Now you can start a new video call or join someone’s link, and everyone will see it!

How to set video background in zoom

How to change the background on smartphone (iOS)

It is effortless to use Zoom backgrounds on a smartphone. I will walk you through the setup on the iPhone, but I guess the same way should work on Android phones.

How to do it?

Virtual background can only be set when you start a meeting or already in a meeting, you can’t do it in advance. 

Virtual background zoom iphone

Once you are in a meeting, look for 3 dots at the right bottom, tap on it, and see the “Virtual background” option. I also found out that vertical photos look much better on the phone.

I hope you will have some fun and be safe, be virtual temporarily. We will be connected again!

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